Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Day 30: Strange Fact Poem

I got back from choir rehearsal last night later than usual and decided sleep was a higher priority than poetry. This year’s final NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem based on an unusual fact.

Last Laugh

The King and the comedian died
on the very same day.
One was rock royalty,
the other the wittiest of three.
The latter would’ve appreciate the irony;
his greasepaint mustache could not outweigh
all the teeny boppers who cried.



Day 29: Plath-Inspired Poem

Today’s prompt is to seek inspiration from the Plath Poetry Project’s calendar. Given that Sylvia Plath committed suicide, I’m a bit wary of this prompt. I chose “Little Fugue” since I’m a singer and like the musical reference in the title. For those of you not musically inclined, a fugue is when a musical theme is introduced and repeated by different voices at different times interwoven together. Of course, it also is a psychiatric term as well for a period of loss of awareness.

Concert Black

Black is not a color I wear,
except on stage.
Black is the color of mourning,
but I’m not forlorn; I prefer mornings.

Black is not a color I wear,
except on stage.
Black is the color of burnt ends
of meat I cut off and refuse to eat.

Black is not a color I wear,
except on stage.
Black is the color of the mold
taken hold ’til I murder it with bleach.

Black is not a color I wear,
except on stage.

Stamp of Approval

Day 28: Postcard Poem

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the form of a postcard. Given that I grew up in one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations and now live in another, I have plenty of material.


Today was another blue sky, cloudless day.
So glad the cooler air decided to stay.
By mid-March it’s often in the 90s by noon.
Hope summer doesn’t get here anytime soon.
I know that’s translated to a cooler spring
up north, but now I hear the snow is melting.

Reading Writing

Day 27: Tarot Card Poem

Today’s prompt is to be inspired by a tarot card. Personally, I think that’s all a bunch of nonsense, but people have a right to their beliefs, how ever silly I may find them (and vice versa).

The High Priestess

She sits clothed in Virgin blue
with a painted Jerusalem cross
on the front of her robe.
A horned crown and pale globe
sit atop her head,
a Torah scroll on her lap,
and a crescent moon
curled at her feet.
Two Doric columns,
relics of a Pagan temple,
frame her, and pomegranates
flaunt fruit Persephone
would give up life to taste.


Day 26: Senses Poem

Today’s prompt is to write a poem engaging all five senses.


Ears ring.               Bile rises.
Pupils dilate.               Sweat reeks.
Chest tightens.               Heart pounds.


Heart pounds
Tongue dries
Vision narrows
Acid sours
Stomach churns




Day 25: Warning Label

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that takes the form of a warning label. I’ve been working on Halloween content at work, so this line of thinking is definitely on the top of my mind.

Divine Addiction

Warning: Substance causes
increased release of endorphins,
seratonin, and dopamine.
Side effects may include:
elevated pulse, alertness,
euphoria, relaxation,
and a sense of well-being.

Good End

Day 24: Hopeful Elegy

Today’s prompt is to write an elegy with a sense of hopefulness. This makes me want to write an ode with an edge of despair on a different day.

In Memory of Naivete

There was a time I took everyone at their word.
Trusting. Gullible. Absurd.
I once believed lies were easy to spot.
Delusional. Preposterous. Rot.
I knew good would triumph over bad.
Sheltered. Foolish. Sad.
Now my rose-colored glasses are cracked.
Aware. Wiser. Exact.