Day 25: Warning Label

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that takes the form of a warning label. I’ve been working on Halloween content at work, so this line of thinking is definitely on the top of my mind.

Divine Addiction

Warning: Substance causes
increased release of endorphins,
seratonin, and dopamine.
Side effects may include:
elevated pulse, alertness,
euphoria, relaxation,
and a sense of well-being.


Good End

Day 24: Hopeful Elegy

Today’s prompt is to write an elegy with a sense of hopefulness. This makes me want to write an ode with an edge of despair on a different day.

In Memory of Naivete

There was a time I took everyone at their word.
Trusting. Gullible. Absurd.
I once believed lies were easy to spot.
Delusional. Preposterous. Rot.
I knew good would triumph over bad.
Sheltered. Foolish. Sad.
Now my rose-colored glasses are cracked.
Aware. Wiser. Exact.


Sound Off

Day 23: Sound Poem

Today’s prompt is to write a poem based in sound, whether it’s an overheard conversation, song lyric, regional slang, etc.. I’m currently watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” about a spurned 1950s housewife who channels her grief and rage into becoming a stand-up comedian. I’ve sung in front of crowds since I was little, so I don’t have stage fright. However, idea of stand-up comedy and especially improvisation of any kind horrifies me.

Stand Up. Sit Down.

I’d rather curl-up with cozy words,
sink snugly into sentence cushions,
and drape myself with familiar phrases,
far from the chill of exacting crowds
and my equally merciless inner voice.

Impossibly Possible


Day 22: Make Impossible Statement Happen

Today’s prompt was to write a poem in which one of the below statements is true:

The sun can’t rise in the west.
A circle can’t have corners.
Pigs can’t fly.
The clock can’t strike thirteen.
The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky.
A mouse can’t eat an elephant.


Who’s to say what’s up or down?
Who’s to say what’s east or west?
North and south can switch around;
there’s no rule for what is best.

The west can bring the sunrise.
The east can herald the night.
It’s in the beholder’s eyes;
one’s not simply wrong or right.



Day 21: Poem About Narcissus

Today’s prompt is a write a poem that plays with the myth of Narcissus. I love Greek mythology, so this prompts brings me joy.


You loved an echo of yourself
but not Echo who loved you.
She could only reflect others.
You only reflected on yourself.
She wasted away at your rejection
You wasted away at your reflection.


Causeless Rebel

Day 20: A Rebellious Poem

Today’s prompt is write a poem involving rebellion, whether in subject matter, tone, style, or something else entirely. I took the literal meaning and ran with it. I wrote a couple more stanzas and then decided I like the first stanza better alone.

Alternative History

“Don’t whitewash history,” you said,
unconscious of the irony as they tore down
tributes to traitors sculpted in bronze and granite,
forged from bitterness, fear, and delusions of supremacy.

Blank Slate

Day 19: Erasure Poem

I was at Painting with a Twist after work yesterday and then up late baking scones, so I didn’t get a chance to write. Yesterday’s prompt was to write a story, describe what’s happening outside your window or something else and then erase words to form a poem. An alternative is to use your words to form a new poem.

Four Grow in a Line

Peach, plum, persimmon,
tea tree olive,
flourishing unlike “resilient” herbs I murdered.
Yet to bear fruit, but many flowers and lovely leaves.
When they do bear fruit, I’ll bake pie.
and keep it for myself.